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Naruto ~ Pain’s Identity


Ok. Just as i thought before. The seven bodies of Pain which had been appeared in the manga were in fact, came from the other people’s corpses (weird ….. emoticon). Pain collected some of them, and somehow, connected the dead bodies to himself with an unknown jutsu (or machine) by attaching a kind of metals as a set of studs on the bodies, so he could control them completely from the distance. In addition, he also could share his rinnegan to the bodies, in order to get each one’s field of vision. As for Pain, he could hide somewhere and fight without getting worried to be beaten by the opponent.

By doing this, unless the opponent had the knowledge or ability to find and defeat the real body (probably Nagato), it would be almost impossible to defeat him in the combat. Cool !

This ability was almost similar with the former Akatsuki member, Sasori, but in my opinion, pain’s one was more insane. Not only he made dolls from dead bodies, but he also could control them from the distance (without strings, offcourse), use the boddies former jutsus, and also could talk and coordinate with each other smoothly. And finally, why did he also use the cutest girl appeared in Naruto manga so far as his seventh body ? Why Kishimoto-san ? Whhhyy !!!!???

The most important question is, if pain is so extremely powerful, why did he still took orders from Madara Uchiha ? Does it mean Madara is more more powerful than him ???

Well, let’s wait the next Naruto chapter (ch 425). By the way, the story itself became more intense and there would be more sad stories from the konoha peoples waiting for us.


November 7, 2008 - Posted by | Books, Hobbies, Thought and Opinion


  1. waduh gw lemot dalam bahasa english brooo by.

    Comment by asep09 | January 27, 2009 | Reply

  2. Okey now that we’re at manga 445 we can all see that pain can be stoped. But at this point im sorry to say Pain doesn’t matter, what people want to know is… why did Nagato turn his so called best friend into the last Pain and can Naruto bring the leaf village back. And the biggest quetion is if ang Uchiha can only beat and Uchiha will Sasuke be the one to fight Madara?

    Comment by Derrick Allen DSA | April 24, 2009 | Reply

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