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New Science and Technology Category


Here are the top 5 of my blog category’s posts :

1. Though and Opinion : 82 posts
2. Information Technology : 41 posts
3. Activity : 33 posts
4. Games : 19 posts
5. Guide : 13 posts

14. Science and Technology : 2 posts emoticon

So what’s the matter ? Well, if you see the list, there are so many posts about opinion, IT and blah-blah etc etc, but there are only 2 posts about science. That’s the problem. I was once indeed an IT practitioner, but now, i am a scientist. Of course, no one will blame a scientist who knows much about IT, but it will be pathetic if a scientist could only write 2 posts which deal more with his current profession right now, compared with 41 posts about his former job.

So, i decided to write more about my scientific work (and of course news or opinion about science). That means, i will no longer write too much about IT (and of course, it also doesn’t mean that i’ll never write about IT anymore).

This category will mainly include posts such as : Radar Technology, Meteorology, Geosciences, and some posts about Astronomy. Enjoy emoticon .


May 7, 2008 - Posted by | Science and Technology, Thought and Opinion


  1. Halo Dhi..ditunggu posting-nya tentang Radar, kalo bisa bahas tentang Nyquist Velocity.. menarik tuh…

    Comment by Yudha | May 9, 2008 | Reply

  2. @ Yudha : hehehe … tunggu aja deh. Masih belajar juga soalnya.

    Comment by A3 | May 14, 2008 | Reply

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