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Let’s Watch Movies (part 2)

The Descent


I realized it when i watched this movie that it had almost similar storyline with The Cave movie. It also told us about the cave exploration and horror caused by the gollum-like creatures inside the cave tunnels (i name it gollum because the creatures appearance ressembled the gollum in LOTR trilogy). The good points were, The Descents seemed ‘darker’ than The Cave, the main characters were girls, and i also liked the ending of this movie. It’s an unclear ending, but i think it suitable for this horror movie. 
MyRate : 8.5 of 10 emoticon 



xXx is an action movie by one of my fav action actor, Vin Diesel. The story was simple, if you have watched many james bond movies, you would understand the storyline eventhough you did’t finished watching this movie. Yes, its about secret agents fighting some criminals in another country. There’s nothing new, i guess.

MyRate : 6.5 of 10

28 Days Later


This is a movie about a chaos in England, caused by an-unknown virus, called Rage Virus, infecting the people of the country, one-by-one, led to the mass evacuation and desertion of main cities in the British isles. The story line was great at the start, but i didn’t like the rest after, especially after the main characters came to Manchester. Instead of avoiding the infected people, they had to fight some sex-thirst crazy soldiers.

MyRate : 6.5 of 10

28 Weeks Later


It’s the sequel of 28 Days Later. The story took place 28 weeks after the first movie. Some of London area were declared relatively save, and some people return to one part of the city which guarded by USA led NATO force. But the chaos occured again as one woman, carrier of the virus, got into the quarantine section. After infecting her husband, the virus was spreading rapidly, led to the worse chaotic events than before. I like the ending of this movie, it was much better than the first one.

MyRate : 7 of 10

Requiem For A Dream


A drama about fantasies and hallucinations of 4 people. It’s one of the best drama i’ve ever watched, and i also like the OST. The message was : don’t dream too much about your dream, or you’ll be like those in this movie emoticon. Great movie !

MyRate : 8,5 of 10


Next movie to watch : National Treasure (2004-not the latest) 




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