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Let’s Watch Movies

A new hobby ? Not really. I just want to spend my spare time with some activities other than just playing games. So, instead of 4 hours of non-stop gaming, i think it will be much much better to spend the 4 hours for watching movies. At least, my back can rest for awhile after sitting for all day work. So far, this "new" hobby seems to work fine that i can reduce my time for playing games for at least a half of its normal time.

The Painted Veil 

These were some (DVD) movies i’ve watched this month with its rating of mine (in brackets).

  1. Exorcist ~ The Beginning (7/10 ~ Scary enough to give goosebumps over me)
  2. The Painted Veil (8/10 ~ Great Drama. So touching …)
  3. The Chronicles of Riddick (8/10 ~ One of my fav Sci-fi films)
  4. V for Vendetta (7/10 ~ Good story and actions, so many confusing words)
  5. 300 (7,5/10 ~ Full of actions and one of the best graphic effects i’ve ever seen in a movie)
  6. Basilisk ~ The Kouga Ninja Scrolls (9,5/10 ~ One of fav animes of mine emoticon)
  7. Devour (5/10 ~ Weak story, so many bloods, not frightening at all)
  8. Twister (7/10 ~ A good story about Tornado chasers)
  9. Alone (8/10 ~ Another scary Thai-film besides Shutter)
  10. Dragon Wars (7/10 ~ Another full effects film, but weak on the story)
  11. Dragon Dynasty (3/10 ~ One of the rubbish movies. Don’t watch it emoticon)
  12. The Cave (8/10 ~ A true thriller underneath earth surface )
  13. Pathfinder (7/10 ~ Great actions and fights between the native-Indian and Vikings).


And, these are some movies i’m going to watch soon (or maybe tonight) :

The Descent 

  1. The Descent
  2. xXx
  3. Lady in the Water
  4. October Sky
  5. Requiem for a Dream

If you have another recommendation for good movies, please don’t hesitate to inform me emoticon. So, let’s watch the movies !

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