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Opera Mini 4 – Pure Eye Candy !!

Opera Mini 4 

It was two years ago, when i started using my Sony Ericsson J210i to browse the Internet. The display of web pages were totally lame, and it’s just seemed that the pages would take forever to be loaded on the browser. I’m sure there were so many people had complained about the looks of web-browsing using mobile devices for the past years. But now, you can get rid of those ugly looks.

Say welcome to this Opera Mini 4 !

I was just using it for the first time several hours ago and i loved its new features. There were so many improvements for this new version compared to the previous versions (like ver 3.1 or ver.4 beta 3). As i told you before, you can experience new looks of web browsing with mobile phones, especially with the non-os ones.


Forget the lame page-display of previous browsers. Now you can get display quality as good as normal browsers on PC. The overview feature allows you to get the full display of whole part of the opened pages. You can zoom in and out using virtual mouse to explore each part of the pages, even the the embedded parts (e.g. shoutbox) will be shown for you. And the best part is, if you think the normal display is to small, you can get landscape view of the page. Cool isn’t it ?


Of course, you could switch back to ‘lame’ looks if you don’t like these new features πŸ˜€

Combine your favorite search engines into this new browser. Not like previous versions,
now you can add new search engines, as many as you want. There are so many tweaks for History and Bookmark, you can even synchronize your bookmarks on your phone with the ones on your PC.


What about the loading time ? Suprisingly, with such rich new features, the browser still can load the pages quite fast. Don’t ask me how πŸ˜›

Hmm … because this is not an ad, now let’s talk about the minor things about this browser ;). Even though the new view system was great, I think Opera people should add some zoom options for this browser. I just found two options when a page was loaded, Overview and FullScreen view. Overview option was great except the fact that the page would become so small and it would be so hard to read the letters or images of the page 😦 . On the other hand, the Fullscreen view was too big. It would be better if there were some zoom options when the user opened a page, e.g zoom 20%, zoom 50% etc πŸ˜‰

Anyway, this new mobile browser was sooooooo ….. totally cool, and worthy enough to installed into my phone :D.

You could download it from

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