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First Image of Serpong C-Band Radar

Radar Rain Image

The image above was the very first image provided by Serpong C-Band Radar on September 24th 2007. You may wonder why there were no echos around the northern part of the image, in this case, Jakarta area. The main problem were the trees which were surrounding the CDR site, even single leaf will block the signal transmitted by the radar. This radar was mainly design to transmit signal which will be reflected by water particles in the atmosphere. So, if the signal met an obstacle object like leaf, it will be absorbed and hence, there would be no echos for the area behind the obstacles. (` -`)

Tall Trees around CDR Site 

As you can see on the picture above, there were so many tall trees around the CDR Site. So why don’t we just cut the trees ? Not so easy like that, of course. These were not ordinary trees, they were at least 30 years old, and cut them out would give us another problem, yeah, it’s .. against the law. Even our minister of research and technology had to deal with this trees-cutting matter.

But now, we have the permission to cut the trees, so i hope the radar will provide better images in the future. By the way, it’s still not operated because there was a leakage in the dome, and we have to wait the japanese engineer to fix it.

Mada … mada desu … still long way to go for it. 

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