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At Padang Radar Site (Again ..)

The X-Band Radar at MIA, Padang 

After about 3 months, i came again to the city of Padang. By the way, it was not a long-time trip, just for a day. So, i went from home in Jakarta at the early morning (after sahur), and might be back at night on the same day. It’s the first time for me to do such a one day trip emoticon and actually, now, i am writing this post in the shelter of the radar site emoticon.

Just like before, i came here with a japanese scientist. This time, i accompanied Mori-san from JAMSTEC, and since we had known each other for quite long time, i did not have any difficulties for communicating with him.

Since i came back from Bali last tuesday, many many works had been waiting for me. I had to accompany other scientists to Ciputat and Serpong like Hamada-san, Masuda-san, Kamimera-san and finally Mori-san. In fact, the plan to come to Padang had not been made until yesterday. It was when Mori-san decided to check some of our instruments in Padang and Tiku because of the earthquake which was happened in Padang and Bengkulu few days ago.

Mori-san's checking the AWS condition

Fortunately, there were no any damages to our instruments here and everything went very well, especially for the radar and the AWS. So we arrived in Padang at 8:30 in the morning, went to MIA and then arrived in Tiku at 10:00 o’clock. After checking out the instruments and making sure that everything’s OK, we went back to MIA site in Padang.

Inside the Radar's Shelter 

Because there’s still much time before we departed to Jakarta in the afternoon, we stayed at the shelter of the radar. This place was quite comfortable in which there were some air conditioners to make it cool all the time (i like cool places emoticon), some supplies for the observers like beers, softdrinks, instant noddles, water, and i could even find candies here. Unfortunately, this was Ramadhan season, so of course, i could not use the supplies. But that’s OK, since there was internet connection here, and it was pretty fast. So i could browse and download some files from the internet.


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