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Disabled LAN caused CS 1.6 Crashed after Starts up


Yesterday, i’d tried to play counter strike again, but alas, few seconds after the loading screen, it suddenly crashed. Suprised with this ‘unusual thing’, i began to find what the problem was. First, i suspected that there was something wrong with the display setting of my graphic card. So i checked it, but there’s not anything wrong with the display setting. I’d never changed it since i moved the pc to my current dormitory. Then i switched my concentration into the sound setting of the game, since there’s some lagged sounds during the loading screen. But it just the same. The game still crashed even though i’d decreased the sound setting to the defaut one.

The confusion started since then, after i uninstalled another suspicious applications, such as K-Lite Mega Codec, Matlab or MySQL Server, the problem still had not solved. I had not know the reason until i ‘d found some strange files inside the game directory. These files were beginned with word "assert_" or something like that. The size of the files was merely 36 MB, and i’d noted that these files would be created after the game crashed, maybe some kind of error report files. So i guess the problem was occured in the console system, but still i didn’t understand the cause of the error.

After the failures, i’ve tried to reactivate the local area connection (LAN) of my computer. I’ve once disabled it because my computer was not connected to any network. And guess, it worked !!! So the cause was the disabled LAN !! Then i enabled it and the game started normally.

I don’t know the detail reason, but it seems that the CS console had to detect the LAN during the game start up. So if you face similar problem as me, check your LAN settings. If it has been disabled, just enable it.


July 7, 2007 - Posted by | Games

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