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Back to RO – Ninja Class ??

I accidentally opened Indonesian RO official website yesterday, only to know that there was a new sub episode of RO, called Ninja (eps 10.5). Yes, ninja is one of some new job-classes in RO alongside Taekwonboy and Gunslinger, and i really want to try this new job. In fact, the job has been available in the previous RO Client (ver 0711), but the server i had didn’t have any configurations or scripts for it. So, as a GM, i could only switch to ninja class, but i could not do any skills of it emoticon.

 Ninja Class - I love the custome of the kunoichi XD

So i started downloading the new RO Clients (Ragnarok and Sakray 1100), new server pack (SVN EAthena), translation packs, patches, diffs etc. The largest files were the clients, of course, as they cost about 2 GB in disk space. I hope the download will be finished today.

Actually, it’s hard for me to have spare time in this time, because i have two jobs at two different places, so i can only play games on saturday or sunday. Well it’s going to be tough sometimes, but at least i can relax for a bit. So i apologize if there were some comments or requests about RO that were not answered in this blog. Honestly, i’m very very busy now emoticon.


April 24, 2007 - Posted by | Activity, Games, Hobbies

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