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Virginia Tech Massacre – The Result of USA Security Arrogance

Virginia Tech Massacre Candlelight Mourn (source : Wikipedia) 

Actually, i have not read the news on monday, until tuesday, when i opened my browser. It just gave me horrible feeling to know that there was a massacre which was causing 33 deaths, including the gunman. I felt more miserable when i read that there was an indonesian student among the victims. Just imagine, when you’re taking a class and suddenly, a mad student with guns rushed into the class and tried to shot everyone in there. Scary isn’t it ? I can’t even think if it happens to me.

The ridiculous thing was, several days before, the USA ambassador in Indonesia made a statement to US civillians for not taking any trips because of  the lack of safety of indonesian airlines system. He even stated that there were still many terorists here targetting US civillians. So travelling in indonesia is considered to be very very dangerous activity at this time. And then what happened next ? As you could see, there was an incident – or actually, a massacre – which was not taking place in our country, but in USA. It was the worst shooting tragedy in USA history. I think the USA ambassador should shut his mouth now emoticon.

Many people said that USA is the safest place in the world, with an extremelly full-security system. If you’re come from asia or another "suspicious" countries, it will be difficult to enter this "safe" country. But why ? Why could a student in USA (even though the gunman was a korean student), enabled to have weapons and carried them to the school ?  Where ‘s the security system at school ? Stop mocking the lacks of another country security system and just think about your own country ! Where the weapons are obtained so easilly from the stores, and you still call your country is the most peaceful place out there ?

I just hope for the best, that this tragedy will not happen again in the future, especially to indonesian student in USA.


April 18, 2007 - Posted by | Thought and Opinion

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