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Vista Tranformation Pack

I read some PC magazines several days ago, and i found about this issue, you could change your windows XP visual styles into vista ones in minutes with Vista Transformation Pack (ver 3.0 so far). First, i was not so interested about it, but this morning, i was thinking to try it a bit (??).

So i downloaded this utility from Softpedia website ( The download size was about 31.5 mb. Fortunately, my lab connection was fast enough this morning, so i could get it in just 15 minutes. Before i downloaded it, i read another users reviews as usual in order to know the worst disadvantages of the utility, so i could also prepare for the worst possibility it could take if i install it. Most of the users said that this program could give great visual styles of vista but also lacked in system stability, because it modified many system files. Few users wrote that this program’s just a bunch of junk because they have to re-install windows after using it emoticon. I felt uncertain for a moment but finally decided to install it (in fact, i felt afraid for a bit emoticon).

Before i installed it, i backup my system (including system restore and registry backup), then i ran the setup file. The first window i could see was extraction window to place the original setup program.

The fear grew larger, but i continued. There are so many customization settings before installation began, so i must read the instruction carefully. To avoid system failure, i choose the program not to changed the system files. Then, after i restart the computer, the program began to modified my windows xp visual style. The bad sign appeared when the longhorn sidebar failed to start and it caused some system errors, including explorer.exe process in the task manager. When i saw the display, there was nothing special with it, just some effects such as transparent style and softer colorization of the windows. But, the most noticeable effect for me is, my computer run so slowly after i installed the program (AMD Athlon 1.4, RAM 512 mb, vga gforce2mx 64 mb). Despite its great visual effect, i felt no advantages of this program, so i decided to un-installed it.

The un-installation process was successful ….. but wait, the visual style of my win xp changed  into classic window style. When i opened the display properties window, i found that the xp visual style had been gone from the system !!! Fortunately, i made a backup before, so i restore the system to the previous state before i installed vista transformation program. And the system back to normal again.

The conclusion is, don’t try the program if the computer’s not fast enough and you have so many programs installed. If you want to try, backup your system first. 


April 20, 2006 - Posted by | Hobbies, IT

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