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5 Keys to Success

According to my big boss, there were 5 keys to success.

  1. Emotion (I think i could handle this, although sometimes i could lost my mind too emoticon)
  2. Time (I’m trying to manage my time well, but sometimes i wasted my time too much emoticon)
  3. Physical (This is the hardest thing to do, well … uhm .. yeah, do you know how to get slimmer in a month ? emoticon)
  4. Money (The second hardest, what can i do with 1 million rupiahs for a month in the time like this ? emoticon)
  5. Relationship (Well … i think i could handle this too .. but women is another exception  emoticon)

If you could manage all of them, surely, you’ll be successful (with God’s Help certainly, so don’t ever forget to pray every single day emoticon ).

Udahan dulu ah. Bahasa inggris gw makin kacau aja kayaknya emoticon.


April 3, 2006 - Posted by | Thought and Opinion

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